Sonic Horn
Powder that sticks to the walls, ceilings and bags in a spray dryer is exposed to high temperatures which, over a long period of time, will oxidize and lower the quality of the finished product. The FES sonic horn is a pneumatically actuated device which produces high pressure acoustic energy or sound waves that are capable of fluidizing powder that adheres to surfaces in the spray dryer. This low frequency vibration provides an effective means of cleaning the dryer.The FES sonic horn helps in the removal of powder from walls, ceilings, curtain, and filter bags in the dust collector. By reducing powder that adheres to interior dryer surfaces the sonic horn can produce a better finished product. Dryers that take advantage of more than one sonic horn can take advantage of the a synergistic affect of increased amplitudes when both horns operate simultaneously and out of phase.
  • Adapts easily to existing dryers
  • Uses 100 psi compressed air
  • Includes a 110 / 220 VAC control panel
  • Stainless Steel T304
  • Sanitary design meets FDA and USDA standards for product contact surfaces
  • Clamp fittings make inspection and assembly quick and easy.
  • Adjustable timers permit tuning to optimize the operation of the horn.
  • Includes regulator & filter to control inlet air pressure and strength of vibration.
  • Dual sonic horn installations include two sets of timers for independent control.
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