Reverse Osmosis Egg White Concentration
  • Continuous feed of standard egg white liquid with continuous output of concentrate.
  • No loss of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals - maintain nutritional characteristics of raw egg white.
  • Increase spray dryer throughput to 230% of normal capacity.
  • Improved functional properties over standard egg white product.
  • Reduce fermentation storage tank, tanker transport, and tote tank requirements by 50% or more.
  • Reduce freezing costs by 50%.
  • ROI can be less than one year
The System
The FES RO egg white concentrator is used by many egg processors throughout the world. The membrane system, approved by USDA and CE utilizes a proprietary spiral wound membrane developed specifically for use on viscous products. FES' multi-stage system uses unique design concepts to concentrate egg white from 11.5% solids to over 23% solids without damaging the important functional properties of egg white powder - whip height and cake height for angel food cakes and gel strength for surimi and sausage applications. The system is fully automated with air-actuated back-pressure regulating valve and flow valves, flow meters with automated PID control for feed and concentrate streams, conductivity sensors for monitoring CIP and permeate streams, and pressure sensors for controlling the high pressure feed pump.
How it Works
The membrane is an organic spiral wound membrane, manufactured from materials approved by USDA and FDA. FES has conducted extensive pilot and field testing on this membrane for implementing optimum production and cleaning protocols. In production situations the membrane provides excellent performance. The membrane operates 20 continuous hours before undergoing a 4 hour cleaning procedure. Many membrane sets in production facilities have exceeded 18 months of continuous operation without replacement. Permeate is very low in solids and can be sent to drain or reused in some instances.
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