Case History
Date: 30 March 1998
To: Plastic Recyclers
From: Rick Smith
Re: Separation of Water from Recycled Plastics

A Southern California company is an active plastics recycler in the business of manufacturing plastic containers used by landscape nurseries for potting trees and shrubs. The company uses plastic insulation that has been removed from telephone cable to manufacture their product.

Shredded plastic is washed in a continuous washer to remove dirt and debris that is mixed in the plastic raw material. After the washer the wet plastic material is conveyed into an FES INTERNATIONAL basket centrifuge. The water and plastic are fed continuously, 24-hours per day, 7 days a week into the separator. The basket centrifuge rotates at high rpm removing most of the water by centrifugal force. The dewatered plastic is discharged continuously from the solids chute.

The dry plastic feed material drops into a screw conveyor that feeds a gas-fired dryer which uses heat energy to remove all the remaining moisture. The finished product is then remelted and formed into plastic beads that can be used in the injection molding process.

The president of the company reports that the dewatering basket centrifuge produces a much drier feed stock than the equipment that was previously used and the machine is much easier to operate and maintain.

The FES model 3001 basket centrifuge comes with many types and sizes of screens to fit the needs of different processes. Several units are available in the pilot laboratory for demonstration and testing. Please contact one of our sales engineers for more information and assistance in putting this technology to work for you.
For more information download four color brochure of PN-12208 - Basket Centrifuge - includes color photo of basket centrifuge and dimensions of typical size unit. File size is 308 Kb. Brochure requires ADOBE Acrobat Reader 4.0.
For a PDF copy of this page, click icon at left to download file ps3kch02.pdf - requires ADOBE Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. File size is 24 Kb.
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