Pilot Plant Facilities - Pomona, CA.
VS-1 PILOT SPRAY DRYER - a vertical form spray dryer with a nominal capacity of 50 lbs/hr water evaporation. The unit includes a 5 ft diameter chamber with a 6 ft sidewall and a tapered cone bottom. Powders are separated on a cyclone followed by a baghouse. All product contact surfaces are stainless steel. The air is heated by electrical heaters to produce a clean contaminant free product.
HP-50 HOMOGENIZER – a smaller version of the HP-300 with nominal capacity of 100 gph. It is also available with single or double stage homogenizing valves and interchangeable plungers. This unit is also fitted with a high pressure by-pass valve and can be utilized as the feed pump for atomizing fluids on the VS-1 pilot spray dryer.
HP-300 HOMOGENIZER – a three piston high pressure pump with a single or double stage homogenizing valve with a nominal capacity up to 300 gph and pressures up to 10,000 psi. The unique design of the FES homogenizer allows the operator to quickly change plunger sizes to accommodate different flow and pressure conditions required in a pilot test facility.
R0-4/1 REVERSE OSMOSIS CONCENTRATOR – a four vessel/four membrane unit which utilizes spiral wound polymeric membranes in a feed and bleed configuration for separation of water from the test liquid at a nominal rate of 100 L/hr. An HP-300 high pressure pump feeds the system. It is operated from a state-of-the-art touch screen connected to a PLC control. Data can be collected by ALLEN BRADLEY RS View which displays and stores data to a hard drive for future study and analysis.
NF-1/3 NANOFILTRATION CONCENTRATOR – a ceramic membrane unit utilizes one vessel with three ceramic elements in the microfiltration to nanofiltration range. The concentrator is capable of operation in the batch mode or as a feed and bleed unit at a nominal rate of 50 L/hr permeate flowrate. It is also operated by a touch screen and PLC controller.
UF-2/1 ULTRAFILTRATION CONCENTRATOR – a two vessel two membrane unit which utilizes spiral wound polymeric membrane in the UF range. It is a batch style unit operated from a standard control panel. It has a nominal capacity of 600 lb/hr permeate.
50 GALLON HS-500 BLENDER – a pilot size 50 gallon mixer is a square-tank designed with a high speed impeller located at the bottom. Unit quickly blends liquids, semi-solid foods, powders, etc. to create smooth blends and mixtures. A chopping/mixture type impeller is also available. The unit includes a variable speed drive to find optimum mixing speeds for special products.
ULTRATHERM 1X2T – pilot pasteurizer system utilizes triple-tubular design heat exchangers with two heating and two cooling tubes, a holding tube, a balance tank and a timing pump. The system has a nominal capacity up to 1000 lb/hr depending upon the type of product and operating parameters. Ultratherm heat exchangers are particularly well suited for viscous products and mixtures that include particulates.
PS-3000 BASKET CENTRIFUGE – a basket type centrifuge that separates solids and liquids on a continuous basis. The unit comes with wedge-wire screens with 25 µ - 500 µ slot openings or perforations from .020”-.250” diameter openings. The nominal capacity is approximately 5000 lb/hr solids and up to 50 gpm liquid depending upon product and ratio of solids/liquid mixture. Unit is all stainless T304.
M-6 FILTER – an inline filter/strainer with screens that range in size from 50 µ up to .250” diameter perforations. As an option a rotating scrapper to wipe the screen is available which serves to reduce the effect of particulates that blind the screen.
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