Basket Centrifuges

Continuous Separation of Solids and Liquids

  • Dewatering plastics
  • Dewatering rice and other grain products
  • Separating rinse water from dried raisins, cherries and other dried fruit products
  • Egg shells from liquid egg
  • Recover frying oil from crumbs
  • Separate chitin from hydrolyzed protein
  • Drying plastic vials
  • Separating melted chocolate and nuts
  • Separating crumbs from hot oil
  • Dewatering chemical precipitates and crystals
  • Separating cutting oil from metal chips in machining operations
How it Works
A mixture of solids and liquid is continuously fed through the top opening of the basket centrifuge. The rotating force of the centrifuge pushes the liquid through a perforated or slotted basket. The liquid drains to the lower bowl and exits the machine through the liquid discharge pipe. The solids are contained within the basket and become progressively more dry as they are conveyed to the top where they are finally discharged through the solids discharge chute.
For more information download four color brochure of PN-12208 - Basket Centrifuge - includes color photo of basket centrifuge and dimensions of typical size unit. File size is 308 Kb. Brochure requires ADOBE Acrobat Reader 4.0.
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