Semi - Automatic Can Filler
FES Model 16-D Filler
The Model 16-D Dual Can Filler is a semi-automatic system for accurate filling of containers up to 50 lbs. at a continuous rate up to 16,000 lbs per hour. Product losses can be virtually eliminated through the use of a computer controlled product delivery system.Variations in temperature, viscosity, head pressure or flow rates do not affect the system accuracy. Each container is filled to the nearest 2/100ths of a pound. Actual weights are within ± 0.02 lbs or 0.3 oz. of the target weight for filling a 30 lb. container. The system can fill many types of containers including plactic buckets, metal tins, poly-lined cardboard cartons, etc.
How it Works
An operator sets the first container on a fill station (left or right side) and presses the start button. The fast-fill valve opens and the supply pump delivers product to the container. The operator then places a second container onto the second fill station. When the first container is finished fast filling the second container begins to fast fill. During this period of time the first container undergoes a very accurate trim fill phase. When container one is complete the operator replaces the completed container on the first fill station with an empty container. When container container two fast fill is complete, the new empty container at position one begins to fast fill. The container at position two then goes through it's trim fill cycle until complete. This sequence continues in a rhthymic pattern with the supply pump operating without interruption. There are no buttons to press or numbers to watch. The operator simply feeds the empty containers onto the filler and pushes the completed containers off. A second operator stands on the opposite side and closes the containers and palletizes them.
A programmed microprocessor monitors the filling process 600 times every second to provide very accurate control for both the filling and cleaning cycles. The unit is both versatile and expandable permitting improvements and enhancements as they become available. It can also be linked to system networks for operation as well as

Digital weight indicators show weights for each fill station. A watertight keypad is used to adjust target weights for the fill operation. Once setup, the system requires no further adjustments. Just run it.

The Fill Station incorporates an hermetically sealed load cell mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel bench. The unit is completely waterproof and can be hosed down to clean up after production runs or spills. The load cell capacity is 100 lbs and is mechanically protected from damage as a result of weight overloads. Rollers on the table facilitate moving the containers off the fill station onto a lidding table or a belt conveyor. They are fabricated of stainless steel and UHMW roller bearings.

The Product Delivery System incorporates air-actuated control valves that are of stainless steel construction, approved by 3A for use in food processes and can be entirely cleaned in place so as to maintain strict quality control procedures for pasteurized food products.

The Control Panel is a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure with all watertight panel mounted components.and pushbuttons. It can be mounted in the room with the filler or in a remote location where the filled product containers are checkweighed. The control panel includes its own stepdown transformer to reduce electrical noise and voltage fluctuations. In addition all sensitive circuits and load cells are protected from damaging voltage spikes by voltage suppression devices
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